View Full Version : For sale: Squeezebox 3 & Boom

2019-03-03, 12:37
My Squeezeboxes have served me well, but I've moved on and I'm hoping someone out there would like to give them a new home.

Squeezebox 3:
- still works fine
- case is excellent condition
- display is getting pretty worn out (see photo)
- includes original remote
- missing one of the little rubber feet on the bottom

- case is in good condition, except...
- rubber is getting that "sticky touch" syndrome ... I'll leave it to you to address it how you want
- snooze button does not work
- display is also worn out (see photo)
- speakers still in good condition & sounding great
- includes original remote

PM me with a reasonable offer, including shipping, and they're yours. If you live in the NC Triangle area, you can come pick them up in person and save on postage.


Eric Seaberg
2019-03-22, 08:56
What do you want for the SB3? My Duet just died and I may as well replace it with something else... PM via email.