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Ralph Edington
2005-01-11, 13:10
Since I got my first Squeezebox about a week ago, I've been trying to
"stress test" its stability and reliability. I've been doing things like
leaving a radio station or playlist playing all night. So far, the results
are not good. I don't think it's made it through a single night.

Night before last, the Squeezebox went to the dreaded "black screen of
death". Upon checking my server (Windows, slim 5.4.1, hardwired to SBox),
the slimserver process was running away with the CPU, and I had to manually
"kill" the slim.exe process -- it wouldn't shut down normally.

This morning, after awaking to the BSOD again, the server looked fine, but I
restarted it anyway. No good, SBox won't communicate with the server.
Manually shut down slim.exe, restarted it -- SBox still can't talk to the
server. The only thing that worked was unplugging power from the SBox and
running through the setup again, which finally brought it back to life.
That particular problem has happened at least twice in one week, possibly
more, I can't remember.

So, I'm confused as to whether this might be a software, hardware or
firmware problem.

If this is a software problem, then I don't really care. I'm sure we'll all
be going through so many versions and builds that somewhere along the line
y'all will knock this problem out.

However, I'm concerned about the lockups that require a "hard reset" of the
SBox. That would seem to be a shortcoming in hardware or firmware, and a
more serious problem.

I'm open to suggestions. I'm trying to not just complain here. Any debug
things I should turn on and check out/send in? Should I keep a log of
failures and symptoms? Is this kind of thing happening to everyone? I'm
willing to do any troubleshooting or debugging that I can, in order to help
resolve these stability issues.

Any ideas?



Daniel Cohen
2005-01-11, 14:53
On 11/1/05 at 12:10 pm -0800, Ralph Edington wrote
>The only thing that worked was unplugging power from the SBox and
>running through the setup again, which finally brought it back to

I used to have that kind of problem on one of the older versions of
SlimServer, and the corresponding firmware.

With 5.4 and its firmware, the Squeezebox often loses contact with
the SlimServer after my computer has been asleep for a long time. But
it recovers gracefully, just hold down the power key until it says
"restarting ..." and then (though it suggests you go through the
setup manually) just wait for a while and it automatically goes
through the setup procedure and finally makes contact.

Assuming that you have tried holding down the power key and that does
not get anywhere (as it didn't earlier on), please report your
version of SlimServer and firmware just in case you are not
Daniel Cohen