View Full Version : Second-hand Radio not functioning

2019-03-01, 13:47
So, thought I'd buy a used Squeezebox Radio off ebay. Arrived today, but will not power on. According to the seller it was working two weeks ago. However, no matter what I do I cannot get it to switch on. I've tried:

Various different sockets
Pressing the More ('+') key whilst switching the socket on
Long press of the power button (1s, 2s, 5s, 30s, 1minute!)
Repeated attempts at plugging the power connector into the radio

The seller did suggest I leave it plugged in to charge the battery - but I have checked and there is not battery in the compartment. Perhaps there's another internal one? Eitherway, its been plugged in for over 2hours, and still wont switch on.

Anything else I can try? Apart from opening it up - which I'm loathed todo, as because its non-functional I'm intending to chase a refund through ebay. However, would much prefer to just get it working!

[Edit] Hmm, after the 5th attempt this morning, it is now working. I'm guessing a connection has come loose in transport. Still, it now works - and more issues, and I'll open it up.

2019-03-02, 04:55
One of my Radios has an issue with the power inlet (since years): it's really hard to successfully plug the power connector into this Radio. I have to twist and move the connector slowly while plugging in and retry often until it succeeds. So I'm using it always plugged in and told the family members to never ever pull the connector from the Radio...

Edit: don't know about an additional internal battery, btw.

2019-03-14, 09:18
There is no internal battery.