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Dan Goodinson
2005-01-11, 09:37
I think I sussed it. I didn't realise (till now - d'oh!) that the
wireless signal strength is not updated in real-time. It seems that you
get the signal strength instantaneously when you go into the signal
strength display but you have to come out of it and go back in again to
see how much it has changed.

I was playing around with it again on the weekend, and if I remove the
antenna from SB and then go back and display the signal strength again
it now drops to ~20% (down from ~75-80% (I removed the antenna to see
if I could minimize the number of reboots, in case it was being caused
buy interference)

I'll try the USR +5dB antenna again, but I'm almost certain that I tried
this before (e.g. coming out of and going back into the signal strength
display) and the increase was negligible. Awaiting my DLink +6dB
directional antenna though - hopefully that will make some difference.

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>In my experience, changing the antenna on the SB makes no difference.
>In fact, completely removing the antenna on my SB has absolutely no
>effect on the signal strength.

I had exactly the same results when I did some wireless signal strength