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Bennett, Gavin (LDN Int)
2005-01-11, 02:22
Ben - my answers below


How many
[0] Squeezeboxes do you use wired
[0] Squeezeboxes do you use wirelessly
[2] Slimp3 do you use
[3] Instances of SoftSqueeze running

How many boxes do you typically/frequently run simultaneously: [1]


What operating system do you run SlimServer on (extensible lists)
- XP

What hardware do you run SlimServer on (extensible list)
-- custom build

What processor speed [800] MHz

What disk space: [160] GB

What memory [640] MB

What version are you currently running:
- earlier version (5.4)

Have you installed any plugins beyond the standard distribtion? [y]

Which plug-ins do you use (extensible list, check all that apply)
- WebLogger


How long have you used SlimServer etc for: [12] months

Would you describe yourself as a (check all that apply)
[ ] audiophile
[Y] geek
[Y] early adopter
[ ] tinkerer

How many other people use the Slim devices in your home [1]

Approx how many albums in your SlimServer library [410]

Approx how many tracks in your SlimServer library [9200]

Do you regularly listen to (any) internet radio over the Slim network
- YES - BBC Radio 4 via Psion Wave Finder

Err - all comments welcome, especially responses to the questions posed


- Ben


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Craig Eales
2005-01-11, 03:14
A few other questions that could be added:

1) What formats the user has their music in (format/bit rates).
2) Which slim mailing lists are subscribed to?
3) Are they active in development (of plugins, and or patches to main server).
4) To make the survey more lasting it might be better instead of
asking which server version, ask if they install latest stable, or
track CVS head etc


On Tue, 11 Jan 2005 09:33:13 +0000, Ben Rubinstein <benr_sd (AT) cogapp (DOT) com> wrote:
> Yikes!
> This message was actually just intended to propose the idea - I wanted to
> get the community's comments, and if it still seemed like a good idea, will
> set up a web page to collect the answers. This will avoid cluttering the
> list (and also make it more convenient)!
> Thanks to those who've already replied though. Any comments on the idea, or
> comments on (not answers to) the proposed questions?
> - Ben