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2019-01-26, 10:48
I'm hoping someone with more expertise in this matter will be able to give thoughts/feedback on my idea.

Ive already had great help from you guys so I'm crossing my fingers that someone can help.

I've got picore player set up and running perfectly via HDMI and aux to my tv + big Bluetooth speaker.

I've gutted a retro stlye radio and have plans to fit a pi3b inside. I've limited space and I'm trying to find a cost effective way of getting decent sound from this. I plan to repeat this with different retro radios to create a multi room experience.

So my idea is to use something like this


Then connect a speaker to it using aux. (I've not found a speaker yet that's ideal - I need it to stay powered on, and it needs to be a reasonable size as I plan to house this in the radio.

That brings me to my last problem... Power...I was thinking of a usb power source, with 2 usb ports (to connect the speaker and pi)

I've also looked at DACs etc but I've never connected one before and I'm hopeless at soldering ...

Would love to hear

1. If my plan would work
2. Speaker suggestions (I'm guessing they need to be powered if running from the pi)
3. What you'd do differently
4. Any other suggestions.

To give an idea of space I have a pi on one side, and room to connect cables to power the other side (where the speaker was) I've room to put a pi sized speaker, possibly a little bigger


2019-01-30, 04:22
I shall watch this with interest. I need to do similar sort of thing. Whatís the best place to start with regards to Pi for LMS. Havenít got a clue on this yet.

With regard to DAC I have for many years run a Squeezebox touch to an external home built DAC. Lots of research on the DAC processor and cannot offhand remember where got it but this was then soldered up to a valve based preamp all within a nice new box. This then feeds to my 6550 valve amplifier and a pair of Heybroom HB1 speakers. So if you really want retro...... in addition I havenít yet found anything that produces better sound quality. Except vinyl of course.

Good luck. Keep us posted with progress.

2019-01-30, 09:07
That brings me to my last problem... Power...I was thinking of a usb power source, with 2 usb ports (to connect the speaker and pi)

I think if you follow this plan of using a single source to supply the Raspberry Pi and an active speaker, there is a very good chance you will create a ground loop when you make the audio connection.

Here is a link to someone who has successfully carried out a very similar project: https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/roberts-r300-reinvention/

Good luck