View Full Version : Local content on iPeng

2019-01-18, 17:17
Is there any way or has anyone considered how to serve music from iOS into iPeng? Back in the day of 16gb iPhones it seemed pointless, but with my current 128gb iPhone I can house most of my collection in apple lossless. It would be great to be able to use iPeng’s Interface rather than the stock music app.

2019-01-19, 06:28
iPeng gets all of its content and display from the LMS server so unless Pippin was prepared to rewrite his entire app what you are really asking is for him to either do that or for someone else to make a version of LMS that runs on iOS. I can’t see either happennng

2019-01-19, 15:36
You mean playing the iPhone or streaming to the Squeezebox?