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Matthias Schnizer
2005-01-10, 13:15
I did not mention that I am running Slimserver NOT as a service yet -
therefore Bills explanation seems to make sense.


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kdf wrote:

> the memory usage seems reasonable enough, even a little lower than I
> would have expected for 500 CDs. I'm confused however with regard to
> slimserver.exe and slim.exe. I thought those two were merged into
> just slim.exe a while ago. I wonder if one of those is a leftover
> from an earlier version, or the server somehow manages to report two
different processes.

On WinXP (and latest 6.0 nightly), task manager shows slim.exe whenever the
server software is running. When I start the SlimServer interface from the
desktop icon, slimserver.exe is added to the list.
Slimserver.exe looks like some kind of wrapper around Internet Explorer.

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