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2019-01-02, 05:37
I have a number of Squeezebox players, 3 Booms and a Radio, dotted about the house. They work well. Everyone in the house can play their own music or the radio.

But things are changing. For example, the new BBC sounds app - it allows the user to bookmark shows, and this is starting to be well used. But my wife wants to continue listening to the radio play she was listening to on her way home on her phone. As things stand, she can only do this on her phone; this means an awful tinny screechy sound coming from somewhere in the house! More generally, the family are exploring music on their phones, and they want a system to play what they have found on their Boom easily.

I could consider getting Chromecast Audio devices and plugging them into the Boom line-in. This would work, although in use and in looks it wouldn't be that elegant. Switching between line-in and normal use is rather clumsy.

Is there any way for the Squeezebox server to show its players as Chromecast renderers? What I would like to do is simply to cast to a Squeezebox Boom. Clearly this would need the server to be able to act as some kind of intermediary, intercepting the audio and routing it to the desired player. It would need to show its list of players on the network as being suitable targets for casting.


2019-01-02, 06:38
No - chromecast enabled device have to be authoised (& licensed etc) by Google otherwise for example, they could be used to copy audio movies etc.

2019-01-02, 07:18
No - chromecast enabled device have to be authoised (& licensed etc) by Google otherwise for example, they could be used to copy audio movies etc.

Frustrating, especially given how easy it is to copy movies anyway.

2019-01-02, 07:30
Frustrating, especially given how easy it is to copy movies anyway.

There may be other ways.

Using Chromsecast devices plugged into Boom or even just a multifunction speaker (Chromecast/Airplay/Bluetooth) . You could use the Chromecast plugin so could play LMS audio to the Chromecast device - andso out of the Boom or Chromecast. IIRC The plugin can also group (sync?) Chromecast devices.

IIRC If phone can may be able to broadcast from phone using Airplay, there is a plugin which can be used to make LMS look like an Airplay speaker.

BBCiPlayer & BBCiPlayerExtra plugins provide access to all BBC podcast and programs - just you'll need to ffwd to desired spot - not as convenient.

There may even be a bluetooth solution but I think it is very fiddly and may need a Pi or similar with BT close to the phone again not as convenient.

Man in a van
2019-01-02, 07:39

At the moment it is not possible to cast from within the "new" BBC Sounds app.

It is possible to cast to a chromecast device from BBC Sounds in the Chrome browser.

It is also possible to cast from the "old" BBC iPlayer Radio app (but I don't think this app is available now).

What one could do, upon arrival home, is use the BBC iPlayer on LMS to rewind to somewhere in the drama.


You don't say if the 'phone is Android or iOS.

philippe_44 has an app which allows squeezeboxes to be change into Airplay devices (if |I have understood correctly)



I see bpa beat me to it


2019-01-02, 08:23
This is possible: plug a Chromecast Audio into a computer running Logitech Media Server and use the WaveInput plugin to make that audio available to connected players. Wouldn't that serve the purpose?

Edit: I just noticed that WaveInput is Linux-only. Are there similar plugins for other platforms?

2019-01-02, 08:40
I have used Philippe's plugins before to put a CCA onto my SB network, so my son could cast from his phone and also play the audio books via the SB system. It worked, but was rather inelegant and flaky - switching between line in on the Boom was more than just a single press, and flicking a CCA between SB mode and Chromecast mode didn't always work correctly. I might go this route again, but it will mean extra wall wart PSUs, cables and stuff.

Ultimately I still want to be able to press 4 on the Boom and get Radio 4. I also want a handy volume control, without having to get my (Android) phone out! The Boom is perfect hardware really, so it becomes extra annoying when the little things don't quite work!