View Full Version : Prime Music on LMS

2019-01-01, 01:40
I am a longtime user of LMS as a whole house system with 6 Booms and 2 Duets. Primarily streaming from Pandora is used. I’d like to add Amazon Prime Music to the mix but I’ve not been able to figure out how approach the problem.

I understand Amazon Music is not publishing an official API but I found this python project reverse engineering it.


Is it feasible to hack a LMS plugin from the python code of the project?

I also run Universal Media Player and am a Java programmer so I could port the python code to a UMS plugin and serve Amazon Music as a DNLA server. It just seems a bit overly complicated.

Any suggestions?

2019-07-12, 06:57
I too would like to see Amazon Music plugin....Denon/Marantz are doing it so there must be some method. Amazon automatically allows me to stream my entire music collection (all CDs I've ever purchased from them), which is very convenient.