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2005-01-10, 10:32
Everthing works perfectly now. I didn't know I had to put lame.exe in the
C:\Programme\SlimServer\server\Bin directory.

Thank you very much for your help !!

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>Subject: [slim] Problem with WMA-Streams
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>Quoting magbert (AT) pingnet (DOT) ch:
>> I created a WMA File for testing purposes. When I try to play that file
>> on my Slimp3 I get the error message "Can't open file". So it seems I
>> a general problem with WMA files.
>> Can anybody confirm that it is not possible to play wma files on Slimp3s?
>they play fine, but you need to install LAME to convert to mp3 for slimp3
>playback. see your player settings, audio. Look for bitrate limiting
>the description there. it will tell you if lame is found or not and provide
>link for you to get it. The server is not able to include it due to licensing