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2018-12-27, 07:44
Hi all

I was using 2 players - see my signature - which synchronized perfectly without any problems at all.
After adding a 3rd one over powerlan which also worked fine, I got a Zero W and I cannot get even the 2 first ones to play synchronized without hiccups any more.

Whereas before, it would be just short hiccups, currently playback is completely halted and the playlist jumps to the last song.

In the past it would help to break the syncing, reboot the main system first, then the additional one and sync them.
Whatever I do now, from the moment I add the 2nd one, things go wrong and even the main system stops playing.
I also noticed that the nightly rescan of my library stopped working at the same time I tried adding the Zero.

Can anyone please point me in a direction to solve this?

2019-01-01, 04:50
Is the solution to this so obvious?
If in the wrong subforum, can a mod move this please?

Happy and healty 2019 to all!

2019-01-01, 06:07
Is the solution to this so obvious?
If in the wrong subforum, can a mod move this please?

Happy and healty 2019 to all!Sounds like your server is having issues connecting to your library.

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2019-01-01, 07:08
take a look at your server and player logs. any useful messages?

2019-01-01, 07:50
That sounds like a WiFi issue. Are all these players WiFi? Is the server wired?

2019-01-02, 16:10
As a test, I have set up LMS on another (windows) pc instead of the RPi which is working without any hiccups at all, with 4 clients.
I have checked the server logs, not much there and when these interruptions occur, also nothing in the logs. Where can I find the player logs?

There was something though that got my attention: "usb 1-1-port2: over-current change"...
I'm using a 12v/3A PSU unit to feed the screen, amp and RPi and started thinking that this might be the reason so I disconnected the screen, started LMS again on the RPi and connected again to that server instead of the test.
All 4 devices are happily playing without any problem at all so it's even more unclear now and even after reconnecting the screen, playback is uninterrupted.

@d6jg: as I already wrote in my first post, this is happening before any wireless player is synced.

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2019-01-03, 03:41
I'm using a 12v/3A PSU unit

Required raspberry pi voltage is a tad over 5volts


2019-01-03, 12:59
Required raspberry pi voltage is a tad over 5volts

But he's running a Hifiberry AMP2 which requires 12-24v PSU (the Hifiberry AMP2 supplies the 5v power required by the RPI itself).

Hifiberry recommend a minimum of 3A for an AMP2, I wonder if you are right on the limit of 3A with your setup.

Doesn't really make sense with some of your symptoms, (why would this be affected by the addition of a new zero base player), but I can see some of your symptoms occurring if you start to run out of power/current.


2019-01-03, 15:52
So this is the current situation: since disabling the server on my RPi, switching to a newly installed LMS playback is flawless.
Because of that power message, I disconnected the touchscreen and started LMS on the RPi again: still flawless playback on 3 wired and and wireless connected players.
Reconnected the touchscreen and still perfect playback.

So I'm puzzled and very curious why, with the same situation as before, everything is fine now...

@KeBul: you have a point that these symptoms might be related to that power issue.
When I ordered these parts, I specifically asked if this PSU would work with my setup and even though these power related messages are still being spawned, playback is fine so go figure.

Thanks for thinking with me guys!