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2018-12-24, 09:27
Has anyone seen this happening??

I have two Touchs synchronized with Squeezelite-X and sometimes Squeezeplay (using USB output to a Modi DAC, thence to an amp etc) .. the Touch's have always worked perfectly on wi-fi through my Orbi + one satellite, so long as I ensure that both Touchs are connected via the Satellite. I also sometimes run a Duet too

Much of my library (>50k tracks) are FLAC but absolutely none are high-res at all. All FLACS I rerip to 16/44 through sBpoweramp regardless of what they come as .. but every single FLAC file now rebuffers constantly. Album art is normally set to 1000x1000 in size, always quite low res JPG.

LMS Version is: 7.9.1 - 1522157629 & both Touchs firmware are up to date, so far as I know.

I have run this set up for ages & ages & have not had any issues at all, so long as the wi-fi connected players are not connected through the base router itself, but through the Satellite. Congestion at the main router can be an issue with the Orbi.

Nothing has changed at all in the system apart from the Win 10 update - and it was just a series of 'Quality Updates' - see the image attached.

Does anyone have any idea where I can look to sort this out?? Networking always confuses the hell out of me, but I haven't been a techie for many, many years!

I thought the LMS server log might be useful but can find nothing at all about wireless conections etc in there ..

2018-12-24, 18:17

Sorry about the image, but vBulletin Android has a nasty habit of deleting posts if you try to edit. Only way I could get it back.

The edit I was trying to make was to reinstall LMS "as administrator". That should reset port settings.

2018-12-26, 00:45
Will be trying all that, so many thanks for the list!

2018-12-27, 03:48
Given that this ppears to be a recurring issue, I thought I would just note how I solved it (for the moment, of course - nothing is absolutely for ever with networking or any software, actually!)

The issue started after I had an update for Win10, after a considerable period during which I had two Touchs, plus sometimes a Duet and of course Squeezelite-X running quite perfectly in all respects, so far as I could tell.

Having read my way through tons of threads, and having received specific advice from Apesbrain, I also found this from sgmlaw on another thread .. -

'One of the best things you can do in any server-based environment is assign a fixed local IP address to the server machine itself.

This will make the clients' job much easier going forward, especially those that NV cache networking settings through reboots and updates. Everything they need is always at the same local address, every time, without fail.

LMS is no different in this regard. Our SB clients can always locate the server, with the occasional exception of our Receiver, which occasionally balks at a final connection without intervention from the Controller.

While we use DHCP for clients that are constantly logging on and off, all major static network resources (always-on elements such as servers, NAS and other data hubs, printers and switches, etc,) get static addresses. You will have a much more trouble-free network environment if the major pieces are always in the same place. Place these static resources out of the assigned DHCP range, and even the most poorly designed DHCP server can handle it. You will rarely need 'finder' apps to hunt down moving resources again.

After decades of networking, this is the best way to do it. '

I already had the server machine assigned a reserved IP address, so I just added reserved addresses for the Touchs (and the printer too) & also updated LMS to the latest overnight build - (7.9.2 - 1545144292 ), noting that there where some possibly siginificant performance efficiency enhancements in 7.9.2 over 7.9.1.

One of my Touchs was also extremely closely positioned next to a large soundbar underneath the TV, so that may also have affected the system.

Fingers crossed, heavy duty FLACS are now playing everywhere without any rebuffering at all!!

Thank you to all the helpers on this forum - your expertise & common sense are absolutely invaluable!