View Full Version : Material Skin: Problem with Safari on iOS 12.1.1 iPhone SE and Mojave

2018-12-20, 01:19

I love the Material skin - thanks. I only always get "shocked" when I open the settings of LMS, which only use the old skin... but that's a different story.

I have problems when using the Material skin in iOS 12.1.1 on an iPhone SE and under Mojave.

The "Durchsuchen in Safari is on both skins empty.


Initially, it was working on the Mac.

Clearing Cache, restarting Safari, does not work, same for reinstalling the Material skin.

It works on Firefox (iOS and Mojave) and I am using Fluid https://fluidapp.com now on Mojave where it also works.

Let me know, if you need any further info to debug this - or am I doing something wrong?



2018-12-20, 01:54
Have a look in the main material thread. There is a long discussion about this. New version fixes it.