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Brian Abbott, ACA Systems
2005-01-10, 00:56
This is a good idea. The price of computer hardware has come down so much
recently that putting together something small, quiet, large h/d, small LCD
screen, Linux OS, Wifi, CD burner, at a reasonable price should be easily
do-able. I think there are many non-techies out there who'd go for that.
It seems to me a good halfway house between 'fixed function' machines that
connect direct to the hifi and have limited functionality and a PC that's
getting used for 1001 other things which introduce problems.

Just my 2p


Nicholas Gianniotis wrote:
> have my thoughts to share on where Slim Devices could go next. I
> think that *in addition* to the current product offerings, Slim
> should design and build a stand-alone server box (like a Shuttle)
> which will have all the components pre-installed. Everything from the
> OS to the wifi NICs to the disk arrays etc. will have been integrated
> and tested by Slim Devices to ensure faultless operation. It would be
> similar to a TiVo box or other such embedded computer appliances. A
> server and a Squeezebox could be bundled and sold into the
> non-computer-savvy audio market and I believe it would be extremely
> well received. In the meantime all the computer / audio hobbyists can
> continue to play with the separate components as we do today.

Brian Abbott

ACA Systems