View Full Version : SB3 faults, can it be fixed?

2018-12-13, 15:31
SB3 bought maybe 2004 or so. Used semi-frequently. I love it, and my Boom. Anyway, usual story I suspect. At first I thought my SB3 was totally toast, but I have narrowed the list of faults to two:

* No VFD. Interestingly, the VFD did not degrade. It simply stopped working. Last I saw it light up, it was as bright as the day I bought the SB3.
* The RCA outputs are very, very low. I have to crank my amp up to maximum to get a almost useable volume.

The optical output appears fine. I have not tested the headphone jack.

Is there anything that can be done, or is should I give up with the idea of seeing that gorgeous green display light up again? The lack of good audio out of the RCAs is a pretty big problem for me too, as I have only one optical input on the amp and use it for the TV (I am not much of an audiophile)

I guess I could stump up the c. 100 for a 2nd hand unit, but I'm worried about how long it will last.


2018-12-14, 00:03
There is a thread on the exact audio issue you're having, but I don't remember if it effected the display.

Assuming it's the normal stuff that goes wrong, and you can hold a soldering iron in one hand, some fresh solder in another, and a beer in your third hand, this isn't anything to go running away from.

Plus, you got nothing to lose.

Do a search for the thread, and if you find it post a link here. Otherwise, I see if I can find it tomorrow...

2018-12-14, 00:09
Here it is!

There are also links within this thread to others