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2018-12-08, 09:27
I give an example: From the mysqueezebox.com remote control, search for
"white horse inn". Near the top of the resulots you will see an entry
"White Horse Inn". Selecting this item then brings up a list of content.
Is there a way to add "White Horse Inn" to my list of podcasts? And if
yes, how do I do it? Thankyou for your help with this.
John Gardenour
Hilliard, FL


Paul Webster
2018-12-08, 11:56
Probably easier to find it on Internet and search their site for RSS feed ... which then gives
which might work - I haven't tried it

Man in a van
2018-12-08, 12:24
I just did a search in local LMS

Tunein search


Paul Webster
2018-12-08, 12:31
I did the same but I didn't spot how to save that in podcast list from the returned search results.

Man in a van
2018-12-08, 12:46
One can save this


to Favourites and maybe select from there?

2019-02-01, 11:04
sev of small shows have podcasts after their broadcast. But I seem to have to go in and listen via that way or download each day. which is a pain in the rear. LOL. Its for example "http://www.wxbc1043.com/" the Bargain barn podcasts I tried all kinds of adds to a to my Podcast app page on squeezebox .com.
I DONT see where podcast app has a search.. be nice if It did so I can listen to standalone results on my wonderful SQUEEZEBOXES....
thank y'all