View Full Version : Checking Flac files

2018-12-06, 01:02
Just a question for clarity: what does

flac -t *.flac

do. Does it compare the stored checksum to a checksum compiled at run time, i.e. identifies bit rot in the file?



Paul Webster
2018-12-06, 01:25
That appears to be part of it - it also looks for errors when decoding.
i.e. the checksum might match the one that it calculates but the content does not decode properly.

-d, --decode Decode (flac encodes by default). flac will exit with an exit code of 1 (and print a message, even in silent mode) if there were any errors during decoding, including when the MD5 checksum does not match the decoded output. Otherwise the exit code will be 0.
-t, --test Test (same as -d except no decoded file is written). The exit codes are the same as in decode mode.