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2018-11-28, 14:13
Our PC always has a dozens of app windows open. I'd like to avoid having to hunt down the SqueezePlay app window to pause a track. Is there an LMS player that supports global hotkeys like VLC and other apps do??

To be clear I'm referring to how a user can just press the play/pause button on their media keyboard and have it recognized regardless of the player app actually being in the foreground. I would have attempted testing the VlcPlayerPlugin yet it looks like it never got off the ground.

It would be stellar if an app has global hotkey support because then I'd even be able to use my RF media remotes as well (similar to KODI) and play/pause tracks via the handheld remote in other rooms. Or is there a different solution folks are using to accomplish that?

I appreciate your suggestions.

Paul Webster
2018-11-29, 03:55
Yes - look for Squeezelite-X.
It has a configuration setting to help with trapping media keys.


2018-12-05, 20:25
Yep. Squeezelite-X will do that. It will do it for its own built in player, or even for any other player. And the remote thing works too. In one room I have some Klipsch Speakers with a remote control and the remote control works with Squeezelite-X, too. You can get it from the Microsoft Store or from my OneDrive site if you donít have Windows 10. If you do have Windows 10, just get it from the Store. It is free.

R Greg Dawson

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