View Full Version : y'all saying there is no work around?

2018-11-23, 10:43
to be able to use my many IR to listen as a standalone unit to listen say GCN ???? I don't wanna have a comp running in every room and I don't USE wireless only have dal outlets in every room. AND the WAY I want it. Just like have my landlines in every room of house.
Im must be originally from Missouri as I gotta see for myself and can't convince me LOL... Im a hardheaded woman...
Blessing y'all and thank y'all
Oh and podcasts too like how do I bookmark "Peoples pharmacy? won't let me save that category to Favorites??? huh?????

2018-11-23, 11:03
I'm not sure I understand what this thread is about, but you don't need a computer to listen to internet radio via Squeezebox. Just create an account at mysqueezebox.com and set your Squeezebox to use this server. You can be wired or wireless; doesn't matter.

2018-12-01, 19:11
Nor can I subscribe under podcast or bookmark "people pharmacy". There must be a work around

2018-12-02, 04:17
What is GCN? Where is it available to stream? vTuner? TuneIn? iHeartRadio? Reciva?

What is dal?

2018-12-02, 04:39
There is a network radio http://www.gcnlive.com

They have live stream which play with the following URLs

etc. up to channel6

2019-02-01, 10:54
I have been trying to re access for over a yr with my wonderful Squeezeboxes as standalones. Just wish I could do the same on my old Linksys Radios that hy I bought all my wonderful IR s....
They no longer support updating it even though I can still listen to a few of my favorites Bless you and everyone else that helps each other.

2019-03-14, 09:12
For podcasts, you need to enable (install) the Podcast player app (I do this from the web account, the App Gallery, so that it shows in My Apps section). Then, you add the url (opml) path to the list. That is what makes them show in the radio menu, under Podcasts or My Apps, depending on how you set up your menu.

Favorites is the buttons for presets, like your car radio, for Radio station streaming. Podcasts are more like a Play List, so the menu system will show, for instance:
Podcasts > The Dave Ramsey Show > The various hour shows that are 3 every date. Then, you pick one and hit the play button; pick another and use the + sign to Add and build a current play list for you to listen to. http://daveramsey.ramsey.libsynpro.com/rss is what you would add to that Podcast list.