View Full Version : [MAC] Slimserver not picking up iTunes library

Joe Hickey
2005-01-09, 13:44
On 7 Jan 2005, at 20:00, Daniel wrote:

> Subject: [slim] [MAC] Slimserver not picking up iTunes library
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> On 7/1/05 at 4:47 pm +0000, Joe Hickey wrote
>> I definitely think it's something to do with slimserver starting up
>> before the external drive has mounted...
>> If you need slim to be available for all users do you have to set it
>> to load at start up or can you install twice (in both user accounts)
>> and set both to 'when I log in'? then it might load up after the
>> Firewire drive has mounted
>> any other Mac people having this problem? if so how did you sort it?
> It would be possible to create an Applescript, I think, or perhaps a
> shell script, to start up the SlimServer with a set delay. And then
> this script could be put in your startup items.
> Because SlimServer is a preference pane rather than an application,
> writing a suitable Applescript might be awkward. But a shell script
> should be possible, since SlimServer can be run from the command line.
> I'm not really familiar with this, but this was suggested recently on
> a newsgroup for a related problem with an application.
> --
> Daniel Cohen

I have to say I'm fairly clueless when it comes to this sort of stuff,
I can have a go if pointed in the right direction... I've managed to
re-write xml files to get stuff to do what I want but I think shell
scripts may be a bit beyond me. Anybody good at this sort of thing?