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2018-11-17, 11:14

I am not sure if I should be post here or in the LMS forum. My primary use of the SB2 is to access radio stations from around the world; every now and then I will use it to play music or audio books. When I start my SB2 I get the menu that allows me to select a function. In Settings I have had Radio as the first/default selection which is what I used. But I have recently had problems with rebuffering of stations, even my local NPR station, and was looking for a solution. When I went to go to mysqueezebox.com I found that there was a TuneIn selection, I had set up TuneIn in settings and set favorites at the TuneIn site, so I have tried it and it does not have the same buffering problems that Radio has. My question concerns the position of TuneIn in the menu. Radio can be moved in the settings menu but I have found nowhere to move TuneIn so that it appears as the first menu selection onscreen; it appears about midway in the onscreen menu so that when I start up my SB2 I have to scroll down to find it. Is there a way to reposition TuneIn on the menu so that it is the default opening selection on the menu? And why the rebuffering problem with the Radio selection but none with TuneIn?

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2018-11-17, 15:19
And why the rebuffering problem with the Radio selection but none with TuneIn?

Tunein is a directory not a service - it does not relay traffic not does it alter the audio stream. Not sure what you mean by "Radio" selection. The various Radio menus (e.g.Sports, News, Talk) are all eventually handled by Tunein - in theory so there should be no difference.

When a station is playing via "Radio" - note the underlying playing URL and then compare it to the underlying playing URL for same station via Tune-in.

Playing a station via LMS compared to mysqueezebox.com can have a diffference if "proxied" service is enabled in LMS for the player.

2018-11-18, 03:36
Menu items Radio and TuneIn are both the same service, both are TuneIn.