View Full Version : Deezer at 99p for 3 months?

2018-11-12, 15:08
As title Deezer are offering 3 months subscription for 99p.
Iím going to take it up but I have a Spotify family plan and I suspect there will be resistance if I want to drop Spotify after the trial.
Anybody who has used both have any views on which is better?

2018-11-12, 15:39
I dropped Deezer approximately a year ago because they hadnít a familyplan that could be used via LMS. Could be different now but I doubt it since the HelpdeskĎs answers were jovial but generic.
About the music or audiobooks pool I canít say anything. Iím rather a casual listener. Everything or nearly I wanted to listen to again after I heard it in the Radio was there.

2018-11-14, 15:34
I have subscribed to both and there are things I like about both. When spotify stopped their direct support for LMS, I switched to Deezer just to try it out. The main thing I noticed about Deezer is that the download mode from server to phone works much faster. Their servers must be set up faster or less loaded. However, after Michael's spotty plugin for LMS has matured for the better, I have now switched back to spotify. Also, I like the fact that Spotify offers a direct Linux app whereas Deezer does not which requires the web player. Deezer, however, does continue to provide the LMS plugin. So, for now, I am sticking with Spotify and I have had my Deezer fix for the moment.

Also, I might mention that the 0.99 offer for 3 months from Deezer is tempting, but it is an obvious teaser I can do without. It they were serious about trying to gain new customers, offer something more substantial like a full year for $12 or something that will get you hooked.