View Full Version : Transporter Toslink -- Popping??

2018-11-04, 11:46
Hi all.
I'm finding the when I run my Panasonic TV audio out through toslink to my transporter I get a loud pop every ~2 mins. I'm running a rpi with PiCorePlayer and Squeezeserver wirelessly to the Transporter as player and pre-amp. I had read that if you disable the plugin, reboot, reenable, reboot, it goes away. But it comes back within a day.


2018-11-06, 06:04

I've had this problem for as long as I've used the toslink connection w/ the Transporter. It used to go away with reloading the digital inputs plugin, but that doesn't seem to work for long now. I've also search online forever--it seems no one else experience this. Any thoughts?

2018-11-06, 06:56
In the past I had something feeding my Transporter through digital inputs via S/PDIF input. It worked fine. Never used the optical input and have nothing here that I could test with. I assume you've replaced the toslink cable to see if that is the culprit. Also, have you tried some other audio source (connected to transporter via toslink) other than the TV to see if it is the TV source or the toslink input on the Transporter?

2018-11-07, 05:04
It's definately worth trying another source connected to your transporter if you can.

I had loads of problems with my Panasonic TV (8 year old model mind) connected to my DAC - it would just drop out every now and then for about a second or so - the DAC might just be a bit more graceful in handling whatever was happening to the toslink output. This seemed to be channel dependant and very sporadic but very annoying.

I gave up in the end and just used the autio output from the TV.

Recently changed the TV (Samsung) and since have had no problem with the optical connection - which is good as there's no analog o/p on the TV.

2018-12-04, 13:30

Still no luck. The system is fine with any other sort of streaming--Spotify, my NAS music, etc. Only with the Toslink connection does it pop/dropout every 2 minutes or so. I've swapped toslink cables. I've changed to ethernet. I've deleted and reloaded the digital sources plug in.

BUT, I notice that the screen on the Transporter dims after a minute. Then I notice a "Cannot connect to server..." sign briefly appear on the screen, followed by the pop and the screen turns bright again.

---5 minutes later--

I think I solved it! The rPi was connected on wifi. Changing it to ethernet solved it. Weird, since wifi was fine w/ any other source. Also, the toslink went directly from the TV to the Transporter, so why would the server matter to the stream?

If anyone has an explanation, I'd love to hear it. But anyway, woo hoo!