View Full Version : How to upgrade radio from UE back to LMS?

2018-11-01, 16:51
So I thought everything was fine. I purchased a used white radio that was on UE. I didn't see an option to upgrade even with through settings/Advanced. I chose to try and pull the plug and hold the rewind button while powering up and alas it switched to LMS/Squeezebox. I had it on my network, thought I was home. Started by installing a applet, it rebooted and came up as UE. Now I'm stuck.

Pulling the plug doesn't work like the first time to switch back. The option in settings is there now but when you choose to switch it reboots back to UE. Firmware is 10.0.1 r16964

What do I do? I've been looking to just SSH into it, but it doesn't seem like it's that simple. mysqueezebox shows it's upgraded to a UE. I don't even have a UE account.

UPDATE: I think I got it.. and I don't know how to delete this post. haha

2018-11-01, 22:04
Please make sure your DNS is up to date. What would you get for
baby.mysqueezebox.com? Feel free to send me your MAC address and I can
see whether there's something wrong in your device's configuration.


Paul Webster
2018-11-04, 22:39
Michael generally reads forum posts by email and this does not notify edited posts ... so for Michael's benefit ... OP said:
"UPDATE: I think I got it.. and I don't know how to delete this post. haha"