View Full Version : Herb Alpert - Music Volume 1 in Hi Res 96/24

2018-10-28, 14:48
I have been downloading some albums by Herb Alpert from the HDTracks site. These albums are available in Hi Res either in 96/24 or 88/24.
All the albums I have downloaded play perfectly with one exception. One of his most recent albums called Music Volume 1. When I play tracks from this album via my Transporter I get no audio at all. The track name appears on Transporter screen but no audio plays.

Initially I thought the files I had downloaded were faulty in some way, but these files play on my computer without any problems.

Also, I can play these tracks on my iPhone using an app called Flacbox.

I have other Hi Res 96/24 files that play perfectly on my Transporter so I am very puzzled why only this one album will not play properly.

If anyone has any ideas Id be very grateful.

2018-10-29, 06:14
Convert the bad files from FLAC to FLAC - yes this is possible with dbPoweramp Reference and the like

2018-10-29, 07:21
Can you check what blocksize it is?