View Full Version : Idle bandwidth and No/Clock

Ralph Edington
2005-01-09, 09:31
I have two questions:

(1) What is Slimserver doing, when it's doing nothing? Yes it sounds
Zen-ish, but I'm serious. I have no music playing, the squeezebox is off
(but not unplugged), and yet my server is streaming 5 kbits/second. When I
shut off the Slim service, the traffic drops to zero. What is the 5 kbps

(2) Is there any way to make the clock screensaver stay on the squeezebox
when the slimserver service is shut off? I think it's odd that the clock
goes away when the service is down. I've taken to shutting down my server
at night for conservation purposes, but I would like to keep the clock!

Or did I just answer my own question...? Is the 5kbps simply a "time"
stream? That's a lot of time...