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Ralph Edington
2005-01-09, 03:30
I love this thread. How can one resist jumping in? What a rant-fest.

The best answer is, and here I paraphrase a private answer that someone at
Slim gave me, "if you can find a better product, buy it". That one always
shuts me up. Because right now, in my opinion, however imperfect, there is
nothing better than Squeezebox.

Whether or not Squeezebox will always be the best, well, that's what the
company is betting on, right? If Slim doesn't have the best product in the
long run -- then everyone will switch, and flock to the (new) best product.
That doesn't mean that the open-source model is always doomed to failure, or
that it will always succeed. Maybe there will end up being a different
"best" product, depending on your OS.

Trying to create a product that supports multiple and varied OS's is a bold
and courageous vision, and I applaud Slim for it. The problem is, when
supporting more than just one OS, it has to work "pretty darn well" on all
of them. Rather than "really really well" on just one of them.

I think Slim is doing a good job so far of making a product that
works --pretty darn well-- on a lot of platforms.

As always, I wish Slim the best in their endeavors. I just hope they keep
in mind that "stability" is a virtue, too. We, the community, would
undoubtedly like the software to work, as advertised, without fail, without
crashing, without exception, and with a reasonably acceptable amount of
speed, always and forever, without having to update the software & firmware
every other day while praying for bug fixes. Key phrase: "We would
LIKE...." Well, we spends our money, and we takes our chances, don't we?

As an alternative, there's the TiVo Home Media Option theory -- "let's give
the users the absolute most BASIC functionality... We'll make sure that the
BASIC functionality works ROCK SOLID -- or thereabouts -- and then let's
NEVER UPDATE IT, ever, because we might break it or introduce bugs. Plus
we're too busy marketing it to update it anyway." Take your choice!

And please, DO NOT forget -- We ARE on the bleeding edge here, folks, we
really are, so don't complain if you faint at the site of blood. In 30
years it will undoubtedly be a fully standardized and idiot-proof appliance.
In the meantime, let's be thankful we have a nice, friendly forum in which
to air our concerns and grievances. That's one of the things that makes
Slim great!

Enough for my 2am rant. The Chargers just lost the playoffs, and I'm NOT in
a good mood. I was THERE, I tells ya. What a heartbreak.


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> 2 from "another" user and a thank you to all the developers:
> I bought a Squeezebox when it came out just over
> a year ago and now find the software powering my
> music library to be substantially more
> extensible, robust, and feature oriented a short
> while later. I don't know if a code change was
> necessary (thought so) but in about 2 days after
> Apple released the ALC format, it worked on my
> Squeezebox (anyone seen anything remotely similar
> through a closed source developer). Dedicated
> users have made this happen (I of course don't
> want to underestimate the work that has been done
> on behalf of SlimDevices too and direct
> communication with many employees from the top
> down). The best part for consumers is that you
> can buy an inexpensive device that has
> substantially more functionality than other
> extremely more expensive systems. The traffic on
> the lists certainly is an indication of the
> contributions people are making to make this
> system highly robust and powerful. I do wish
> that I had the skills to make more contributions
> than I have been able to make more contributions
> than ideas and Philips Pronto files. Personally,
> my company's plans are to release at least some
> of its software as open source that we've spent
> millions of dollars working on and I will think
> of this example as one where everyone wins.
> Everyone, I can't thank you enough.