View Full Version : A user's perspective

Jon Schalliol
2005-01-09, 01:35
2 from "another" user and a thank you to all the developers:

I bought a Squeezebox when it came out just over
a year ago and now find the software powering my
music library to be substantially more
extensible, robust, and feature oriented a short
while later. I don't know if a code change was
necessary (thought so) but in about 2 days after
Apple released the ALC format, it worked on my
Squeezebox (anyone seen anything remotely similar
through a closed source developer). Dedicated
users have made this happen (I of course don't
want to underestimate the work that has been done
on behalf of SlimDevices too and direct
communication with many employees from the top
down). The best part for consumers is that you
can buy an inexpensive device that has
substantially more functionality than other
extremely more expensive systems. The traffic on
the lists certainly is an indication of the
contributions people are making to make this
system highly robust and powerful. I do wish
that I had the skills to make more contributions
than I have been able to make more contributions
than ideas and Philips Pronto files. Personally,
my company's plans are to release at least some
of its software as open source that we've spent
millions of dollars working on and I will think
of this example as one where everyone wins.
Everyone, I can't thank you enough.