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2005-01-08, 16:38
>>> graham (AT) ridgworld (DOT) com 01/08/05 5:48 PM >>>
>I was gonna stop, but just can't...:-))
>"I see an open-source computing company..."
>Just for fun, I looked at the web site and it opens with..."The best
>music player for your stereo." Dunno where the computing is, dunno
>the "product for geeks is". Good visions if you ask me!
>Anyway it's Slackware, not 'doze at all!

How many players rely on an external machine for unlimited storage?
I have a few friends who've bought other players, and one who dropped
a ton of money on an "audiophile quality" player. It doesn't play ANY
lossless formats, no DRM-protected music. It plays mp3s, that's all.
And I laugh everytime I hear him playing his cheesy mp3s through
a Mark Levinson Amplifier to Axiom M80ti speakers. In addition
to my squeezebox sounding better, I also have RSS feeds, x10 control
and a few other little items that his $4k solution doesn't have.
And he's already out of space with no way to add more. Except
buy another box and use another input.

Slim would have an appliance on their hands if they crippled the
squeezebox or decided to sell a little shuttle machine with a
pre-installed slimserver. Until I see slim selling one of these
two items, I'd consider them a really great open source company that
just happens to sell a great audio product for geeky audio tinkerers
like most of the folks on this list (or forum, depending on your