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Kevin Walsh
2005-01-08, 12:24
Andrew W. Shapiro [AndyS (AT) cluen (DOT) com] wrote:
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> I am about to revamp my audio setup using the Slim stuff as a key
> component. This leads me to wonder if I should simultaneously implement
> some kind of WiFi-based video streaming solution, and rip up all my DVDs
> and home video to put on the same media server (let's assume that storage
> is not an issue). I don't see that Slim has any hardware to help with
> this. Anyone have any experience/suggestions here?
You could try MythTV, which can be configured to use a large back-end
server and multiple (quiet or silent) front-end players.

The large server(s) can store the video and handle programme recording
etc. The smaller front-end player(s) can allow the user to schedule TV
recordings, can playback of video from either the server or a "local"
DVD-ROM drive and can handle live TV pausing etc. There are lots of
other goodies too, such as a web interface which allows you to set your
"VCR" from a remote location.

MS Windows users, as ever, are out of luck here. They can buy expensive,
closed source, commercial software (such as Microsoft's MCE or ShowShifter)

It would be fun to get some sort of link between the SlimServer and
MythTV working. If nothing else, a "playing now on TV" would be nice.
Perhaps I'll play around with that one day. :-)


I wouldn't bother to rip DVDs to the server unless you have hundreds
of them and have to search for something to watch. You may as well
just play DVDs using the originals. Of course, you can rip and store
them for future playback if you really want to. Home videos would be
another matter entirely.

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