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2018-09-17, 14:04
Hi. Sorry if this has been asked before. I have looked but found nothing...

I have several SB devices (radios, booms and duet) in my home and am running LMS 7.7.6 on a Synology NAS. When I "synchronise" two or more players, and stream local music from my NAS, I regularly get "pauses" where the music stops (on all players) for 1-2 seconds then resumes. I have no such issues when playing to only one player.

Any ideas?

2018-09-17, 15:52
How are they all connected?

I used to get similar issues using wireless back in the day when A/B/G were the available standards and I only had one wireless router/AP in the house. Wireless was so unreliable I hatched a plan to hardwire the entire house - never looked back after that rock solid for 4 out of 5 players the exception being the one SBR I couldn't hardwire out in the Kitchen. LMS and music files were on a QNAP NAS a TS-119 - 1.2Ghz Marvell processor with 512MB of RAM

Of course now wireless has improved, I have 3 wireless access points around the house and it's pretty reliable everywhere and the once problematic Kitchen SBR continues to play even when it's nemesis the microwave is running, I can sync all 5 players and they reliably remain running although the 4 remain wired, server is now a Raspberry Pi and a much faster NAS supplies the local music files, although my original slower NAS can still run the system, it sits in the background as a backup should I ever need it.

Anyway if you devices are connected wirelessly then I'd start there, if you've got available ethernet ports on you router then I'd hardwire a couple of devices and test them to see if they run reliably in synch, if they don't, then start looking at your NAS, is it running out of any resources when serving two synchronised players?

Hopefully one of the real knowledgable guys here will advise on any logging to set up and monitor.


2018-09-18, 03:12
Thanks for your thoughts Kev. They are both wireless and connected to two different APs (which are themselves wired to a switch). Will try experiments with hardwiring two units but I can't do that permanently unfortunately due to the layout of the building.

2018-09-18, 03:20
One way forward can be to the find the player that is the weak link with porest reception .
Either observe the network signla stregth number in LMS or in the router/AP .
Or experiment with combos of players if the group breaks with the adition of a certian player , then you know which one has the highest priority to fix .