View Full Version : Kids Play: command to add current track to certain playlist

2018-09-15, 02:53

I'm using the Kids Play plugin on my Boom.
And I'm looking for a command that will add the current track playing on the boom to a certain playlist SOME_PLAYLIST_NAME (not the playlist on the Boom). Seems so simple but I haven't figured it out yet.

Solved it. I just added a couple of lines to the KidsPlay plugin.pm to add the CURRENT_TRACK_URL variable. Now I can use this command to add the current track to a playlist:

playlists edit cmd:add playlist_id:1234567 title:{CURRENT_TRACK_TITLE} url:{CURRENT_TRACK_URL};

The only thing is that you have to keep an eye on the playlist id because it'll change and break your command if you ever decide to delete and then recreate that playlist (even if the name is identical).