View Full Version : Squeezebox Controller App for old iPod

2018-09-12, 13:21
I have an iPod 4, which my son is now going to use, to control music in his room. However I had to re-install it, and the app is no longer available on the app store.

Does anyone know anyway to get this app back?

(No, I don't have a complete backup of the device, would need to get it from "online")



2018-09-12, 15:56
If Logitech didn't remove the whole account it should still be available under your purchases in the App Store app.

2018-09-12, 22:32
I can't see where I can get to purchases, there's "featured, categories, search, top 25 and updates". Ah, I got there through "updates", many thanks!

Paul Webster
2018-09-13, 00:59
Official way is via "Today" then the icon for a person etc