View Full Version : Problems installing Spotty

Julian Hancock
2018-09-10, 06:56
Hi - I have been trying to install Spotty on Squeezebox in an attempt to establish contact with Spotify. Unfortunately I Get this error message:

There has been a problem running the Spotty helper application. Most likely yout operating system and/or platform is not supported. Please report the following details to me:

Operating System Red Hut /i686 Linux

Helper applications folder;

Information is not available. Please update Logitech Media Server to 7.7.6or more recent ( NB , form memory mine is 7.8)
Idd ( GNU lbc) 2.18

Any help of suggestions very gratefully received !

2018-09-10, 09:02
> Operating System Red Hut /i686 Linux

Would this be a Vortexbox 2.3? You'd have to run at least 2.4 to make it
compatible with Spotty.

If not VB 2.3, what is it? I don't remember what Fedora this was based on.