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Ralph Edington
2005-01-07, 14:14
At the moment, I wouldn't call Tivo heavy competition in this arena. I have
the Tivo HMO, but it sucks really bad; that's why I wanted another solution,
and found Squeezebox.

Tivo has been absolutely awful about enhancing their Home Media Option.
Basically it's been the same bare-bones thing ever since it started; even
though they're up to v2.0, I see no changes in the basic features of the
music player. Still waiting for my new "firmware" to come down to see if
that does anything.

If Tivo were to add about half-dozen simple features to their HMO, it would
be a showstopper of a product. For instance, Slim's Play/Add feature for
building on-the-fly playlists is brilliant, but at the same time, it's also
a basic must-have. Anybody who can't provide on-the-fly playlist creation
is asking to be boooo'd. Another one: If Tivo could show a slideshow and
play music at the same time, that would be a devastating advantage.

Fortunately for Slim Devices, Tivo appears to have become a sluggish
behemoth with no interest in enhancing their previously released products.
I'm sure the new DVD burner Tivos are very cool, but I feel they've
completely abandoned people like me (I own a 140 model Series 2, which you
can't even buy a wireless adapter for any more. How hard is it to provide
support a wireless adapter that's actually still for sale? Isn't that kind
of basic?)

God, I just hate HMO sooooo much. Can you tell? I wish Slim Devices all
the best in stealing this market from Tivo.

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> Well, some of the heaviest competition now is coming from Tivo.
> Their media
> center option which allows for the playback of music, etc, right
> through the
> Tivo unit is very appealing for the non-tech crowd as it has been
> idiot-proofed pretty well.
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