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2005-01-07, 13:03
Well, some of the heaviest competition now is coming from Tivo. Their media
center option which allows for the playback of music, etc, right through the
Tivo unit is very appealing for the non-tech crowd as it has been
idiot-proofed pretty well.

Squeeze is more of a niche product then this, in that it can do internet
radio, FLAC, etc, etc, but still I think there could be some "ease of use"
and setup simplicity improvements made for the J6Ps who want to give the
product a whirl.

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> I think SB has a limited timeframe (1-2 years max?) to
> achieve market penetration with the non-tinkerers. After
> that one of the megaliths (M$ with XP Multimedia Edition v3 +
> Xmediabox ??) will finally get their act together and swamp
> the market with something that appeals to the 'switch it on
> and sit back' brigade. There _are_ lots of us out there, but
> as a % of the total potential market we're pretty small 8-(
> Graham Ridgway at home wrote:
> > I was trying not to get there, but that could well be the chosen
> > marketplace! After all it must be quite big - a lot of
> tinkerers (not
> > in the pejorative sense) out there!
> >
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