View Full Version : A user's perspective

Brian Abbott, ACA Systems
2005-01-07, 12:53
I think SB has a limited timeframe (1-2 years max?) to achieve market
penetration with the non-tinkerers. After that one of the megaliths (M$
with XP Multimedia Edition v3 + Xmediabox ??) will finally get their act
together and swamp the market with something that appeals to the 'switch it
on and sit back' brigade. There _are_ lots of us out there, but as a % of
the total potential market we're pretty small 8-(

Graham Ridgway at home wrote:
> I was trying not to get there, but that could well be the chosen
> marketplace! After all it must be quite big - a lot of tinkerers
> (not in the pejorative sense) out there!

Brian Abbott