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2005-01-07, 12:45
Sounds like a network issue, most of us here aren't experiencing issues like
this. Can you test it wired up with a hardwired ethernet cable and see if
the problem goes away?

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> I got a squeezebox a few weeks ago to take the place of an
> old, homebrew
> MP3 server/player box I built several years ago that is now
> showing signs of age.
> My setup may be slightly unusual... The old Linux box is now
> just an NFS server to my mac, running OS X 10.3.7 and the
> slimserver. The squeezebox is wireless, and after a few
> initial signal strength issues, I think those problems are
> solved (though I still have the occasional dropout).
> Before I got the squeezebox, I listened to my MP3s (mostly
> 128 Mbps bitrate -- I know, low quality), with the linux box
> via the stereo, via itunes on my cube and via my or my wife's
> iPod. With those sources, all is well, but with the
> squeezebox, I occasionally get chirps and buzzes in the
> songs, using either the optical cable or RCA cables. These
> blips of digital noise don't happen with the other sources.
> Any ideas what could be causing it? Any settings I should
> check, verify, etc. Any other info needed?
> Otherwise, the squeezebox is pretty great (though I am having
> trouble figuring out how to stream NPR's "all things
> considered".... but that is probably just operator error)
> Thanks,
> Allan