View Full Version : piCorePlayer v3.22 date/time issue

2018-08-14, 22:04
Just a niggle, when we have a power cut my pCP starts well before my router, so that it is unable to find the correct time. This means all my players show the wrong time and none of my alarms ork. When I notice a reboot of pCP fixes the issue once the router is back up.

So how does pCP get it's time and can I easily make it retry later? I was expecting the installation to use ntp, but ntp doesn't appear to be configured as standard.



Greg Erskine
2018-08-14, 23:40
hi slingshot,

Click on [ Main Page ] in [ Beta ] mode > [ Diagnostics ] > [ Boot ]. This shows the boot process.


#6 /etc/init.d/settime.sh
#7 /usr/bin/getTime.sh

You might be able to add /usr/bin/getTime.sh to [ Tweaks ] > User command #1

Something like (not tested):

(sleep 300; /usr/bin/getTime.sh) &


2018-08-15, 01:28
Thanks Greg, I'll see what I can come up with.

Will be easier than expecting the electric co to give us a decent supply.