View Full Version : sound quality issue

Allan Hise
2005-01-07, 12:26
I got a squeezebox a few weeks ago to take the place of an old, homebrew
MP3 server/player box I built several years ago that is now showing signs
of age.

My setup may be slightly unusual... The old Linux box is now just an NFS
server to my mac, running OS X 10.3.7 and the slimserver. The squeezebox
is wireless, and after a few initial signal strength issues, I think those
problems are solved (though I still have the occasional dropout).

Before I got the squeezebox, I listened to my MP3s (mostly 128 Mbps
bitrate -- I know, low quality), with the linux box via the stereo, via
itunes on my cube and via my or my wife's iPod. With those sources, all
is well, but with the squeezebox, I occasionally get chirps and buzzes in
the songs, using either the optical cable or RCA cables. These blips of
digital noise don't happen with the other sources.

Any ideas what could be causing it? Any settings I should check, verify,
etc. Any other info needed?

Otherwise, the squeezebox is pretty great (though I am having trouble
figuring out how to stream NPR's "all things considered".... but that is
probably just operator error)