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2005-01-07, 12:21
I think that a common misconception is that Slim is spending lots of times
on new features when in fact they are primarily concerned with core features
and stability. All of these funky features are being developed by 3rd party

It's unrealistic to believe that Slim is going to spend a lot of resources
on the current 5x branch when major back end overhauling is needed. The
current architecture is just not good at handling the massive libraries that
more and more users have acquired.

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> I guess that was one of my main points in starting the thread.
> 1. for me the experience is good, but not great like it used
> to be (and I don't get drop-outs).
> 2. I assume that the clever people at slim devices (and I do
> mean that, it's very hard not to sound sarcastic over email)
> are doing their stuff from a market/marketing perspective.
> They have chosen their target audience. To me (as a user)
> the whole opensource/linux thing is a complete red-herring
> (good to see that publication back by the way). Although I
> would like to think I'm really into funky features, plugins
> and the latest bits, I'm not!
> I just want my music, easily playable round the house (and in
> my car), sounding good and easily accessed by me and my family.
> Graham