View Full Version : Apple Music plugin?

2018-08-02, 15:54
Is there an Apple Music plugin?

I currently use shairtunes and airplay but I'd love an actual plugin so I can queue songs in iPeng and have a shared playlist for a party with only one AM account.

There is an actual JS API that can play full songs now (https://developer.apple.com/documentation/musickitjs) and some 3rd party web players have been developed but not sure how compatible it would be with LMS and softsqueeze...

2018-08-03, 05:55
I believe that can only be played in a browser, using Apple's JS web player. Apple Music uses RM, so you can't just send these streams to a Squeezebox.

There might be hacks to record and re-stream this content but I'd be very surprised if Apple doesn't prohibit these in the partner agreement.