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2018-07-26, 14:32
A receiver (I think SB3, but don't know the difference between a 2 & 3) I have had for years has been balky for several months and now seems unable to connect to the network. I don't think I have the skills or the patience to troubleshoot and most likely replace the wifi card if necessary. A few months ago I added an RPi player just to see if I could do that. I did, and I have already ordered the necessary items to build another to replace this receiver.

*If for some reason I am unable to cobble another RPi player together, I may try to revive this receiver. I do not anticipate that being the case.

Symptoms of the receiver: For several months whenever there was a power failure or a router re-boot, the receiver frequently had to be unplugged/re-plugged to re-establish the network connection while none of my other SB devices did. A couple of times the receiver required re-setting. Today there is no connection and pressing the button on the front has no effect that I can tell--no slow or fast flashing red lights no matter how long I hold the button. It does sometimes briefly flash red, white, or green, but never long enough for anything I try to have an effect.

After searching here, I am guessing an issue with the network card. My life will be simpler if I can just put together another RPi player. However, if someone in the community thinks they can resurrect this receiver and put it to personal use, I am more than willing to ship it to them (unless * noted above occurs). Please PM me if interested. I am really too attached to these things to even think about dumping one in the trash.

2018-07-26, 15:20
Spoken for already.


2018-07-31, 07:26
This receiver (and power supply) is available again. I was apparently mistaken about the receiver part of a Duet simply being a SB2 or SB3. My apologies to the initial respondent.

Anyhow, the receiver and power supply are boxed up and ready to go. Postage to the continental US is on me.

2018-07-31, 11:15
Spoken for again.

Thanks for reading.