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Andy Bunn
2005-01-07, 08:25
> Most people on this list (and maybe most SB owners?) appear to me to be
> 'tinkerers'. I don't use this word pejoratively (I tinker a lot myself!)

There is no way for the list members to know what percentage of SB like
tinkering and configuring their gear. The slim staff might have a better
idea. It's hard for anybody who enjoys mucking about with their fstab to
remember that 99.9999999% of computer users have no such aspirations. I do
enjoy that kinda stuff, but I have a full time job and two small kids. I'm
pleased to report that my SB runs _perfectly_ out of the box. Even tho' I'm
on the list to keep my hand in, I'm for all intents and purposes a happy
noob who will not contribute code or ask (whine) for new features. Go slim,
ya'll rock...


Steven Moore
2005-01-07, 08:57
Just like to add my mini review.
I've been using the squeezebox now for about 2 weeks and it has in the
most part performed great.
The set up was very easy, mine is a simple wired 1 squeezebox setup and
went without hassle.
It took only a day or two to master the menu system on the SB and it
has now become second nature.
The sound quality is excellent, I use mostly high rate mp3's (256 or
above) and the sound even at high volume is excellent.
I have had no dropouts.
The web interface is both clear and easy to use.
The only niggle I have had is the search song problem that some of you
might have read about in my previous posts.
This would be very confusing to the first time user, as it was to
myself when the server disconnected when searching for a song for the
first time after a rescan. Also returning an empty result when you know
the song exists would again be confusing, maybe an entry in the FAQ
would help here.
This was very annoying at first but I have learned to 'live' with it
until a new version of the server software is released with a fix.
The discussion list is also great resource.

Overall the Squeezebox is very good value for money, It has freed up my
music as promised and I look forward to new versions of the server

Steven Moore