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2018-07-07, 08:26
Hello all,

Are there any 3rd party remotes that can be used to replace the squeezebox and/or transporter remotes?
I have a transporter and a squeezebox player and only one remote. If this remote goes bad I won't be able to setup these players.
I am trying to think ahead for possible solutions if/when this remote quits working.


2018-07-07, 08:35
As it happens, Logitech makes universal remotes, and they were kind enough to include SB support.
Currently using a Logitech Harmony Companion to control TV, STB, AV Receiver, DVD and SB3.

That said, I haven't tried to set up my SB from scratch using a universal remote.

2018-07-08, 04:23
You probably already have a simple learning remote. My Yamaha AVR remote has been manually programmed to know the very basic (needed) buttons necessary to operate my SB players. I only programmed On/Off and arrows (L, R, Up, Down) and Enter. Convenient to need only one remote for AVR + SB3 usage. Original SB3 remote is my backup remote, put away with no batteries.

If your players are an SB3 or Boom you can use a JVC_DVD remote (or a universal remote programmed for JVC_DVD) as the basic commands are the same.
I assume this will also work with a Transporter but I don't have one to try.

2018-07-09, 02:24
https://www.ebay.com/itm/Logitech-Slim-Devices-Transporter-Remote-Control-OEM-WoW/161730367298?hash=item25a7e18f42:g:w6kAAOSwCJxZ5nm g
(Seller is currently on vacation...that's why the price is high right now)

2018-07-14, 09:38
Or this one for a bit less: