View Full Version : What's best to run Slimserver on?

Ben Rubinstein
2005-01-07, 08:12

> Just for fun, I decided to do some measurements of server load.

Thanks for doing this - very interesting (and reassuring). Your setup
sounds very similar to what I'm now planning (though I didn't know you could
run OS X on a beige G3).

This feels like the kind of data that should be added to the Wiki? You post
your data; other people post theirs; anyone can comment. Especially since
it won't go out of date much.

(One question - you mentioned SlimServer 5.2 and 5.4. Is there something
I've not cottoned on to about two versions at once; or do you just happen to
have both installed. If the latter, which were these tests against - or did
you test both and get essentially similar results?)

From my selfish point of view the variation I'd be most interested in is the
effect of multiple (hardware) players. Also, it sounds like you were
opening a browser on the server G3; another variation (again, this is purely
selfish thinking about how I'm planning to work) would be using a browser on
another machine, so SlimServer on the server is answering the request, but
not displaying results etc.

It's also very reassuring to know that not every Slim user measures their
music library in units of 10,000! I was beginning to wonder if I was
playing in the bigger kids' playground by mistake...

- Ben