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2018-06-27, 17:14
I have fininshed my first installation of piCorePlayer on a brand new PI3B+. (This is also my first Raspberry PI project).

My first objective was to install LMS to get independent from my Win10 based LMS server.
Installation was indeed easy with piCorePlayer following the GUI/wizzard provided.

Almost everything is working:
1) Wifi
2) Mount of a spare USB Drive - (WDC WD5000BEVT-00A03T0)
First I tried exFAT, but didn't work. Then I did NTFS, which is working.
3) Samba. To access the USB drive from Win10.
4) All LMS configuration and stream to SB3.

But here are my questions:
1) How can I access the file system where LMS is installed. I want to add Lame and make some changes to convert.conv
Does piCorePlayer offer support for this? Putty seems pretty technically to me?
2) Can/should I stay on NTFS? Or better to go for FAT32?
3) How can I take an image of the SD card for recovery?

2018-06-27, 17:42
1. there is a lame extension the can be added......go through the extensions off the main page.

Change to the piCorePlayer repository, the find and install pcp-lame.tcz.

As for convert....use the file custom-convert.conf to add or redefine what is in convert.conf. You can edit the file on windows and use winscp to copy the file to the pCP device. But it will be a bit manual, as that function is not built into the web interface.

One othe point is that pCP runs from a RAM disk, so if you add a custom-convert.conf, then you need to add it to a backup set, for the file to be saved and also be restored on a reboot.

From putty, type this

echo usr/local/slimserver/custom-convert.conf >> /opt/.filetool.lst

Then run a backup from the main menu.

2. There is nothing wrong with fat32 for music, but not for saving the LMS cache.

3. If you want a backup, shutdown, pull the card, and you can save an image with win32 disk imager. Or other imaging programs.

2018-07-02, 01:14

thanks for your reply. All working.

I like winscp.