View Full Version : MusicIP Mixer on mac - offline analysis

2018-06-16, 08:17
I have MusicIP Mixer running native on my iMac so that LMS can use Spicefly Sugarcube to provide a music mix. Most of my collection consists of 'flac' files which have the analysis archived so MIP Mixer picks them up without a problem. I have about 300 mp3 files which also have their analysis archived but...

The mac version (v1.8) doesn't seem able to read the mp3 archived analysis so these show as waiting for analysis. When analysing the tracks in Windows, MIP Mixer (v1.91b) first looks for the online database, can't find it because its been offline for several years, then proceeds to analyse directly in the MIP Mixer software. The mac version doesn't do that! After looking for the online database, which fails, MIP Mixer just shuts down and doesn't attempt to analyse in software. I have removed settings for access to the no longer functioning remote server!

Does anyone know if it's possible to force the mac version to analyse in software?