View Full Version : Controller Error?

2018-06-12, 09:34
From time to time one of my controller will put up a screen that says something like "Controller encountered an error" and then gives a Yes or No option to submit the error log to Logitech and I always say Yes. My question is... Does anybody see or care about these or do they just go into the bit bucket?

2018-10-10, 15:36
I'm still sending these errors. From all the responses I'm guessing the errors just go to the bit bucket.

Raymond Woodward
2018-10-11, 01:14
Can't say I've seen that.

I assume you've tried the obvious option - turn off the remote unit and remove the battery for a short while, then re-install the battery and switch back on ..?

2018-10-11, 06:07
When I get the error I do have to pull the battery to restart the controller which works just fine. I was just wondering if anyone really sees the error reports that say they are submitted to Logitech or do they just disappear into the ether?

2019-03-01, 00:47
The same is happening to me, and I, too, submit them, but I guess that it is quite futile.